Responding to a Nigerian Scam Artist

This little treasure happened upon my mailbox last night and I can't help but share. This guy obviously put some real effort into this email, and he deserves some recognition.

I greet you to seek help.
The bank advise for a reliable bank account from your country so that my funds could be transferred without stress of the ecb and your contact came to me after an intensive search. my name is Khalil Mohammed Maher, i live in Karachi Pakistan as a business man who deals on currency trading. My wife Shahira and our only kid?s a boy and a girl named Mohammed and Afiyah lost their lives in a fatal car accident September 29th last year when traveling to visit her relatives in a nearby town. after that great lost to my entire life, i decided to relocate by having a dwelling in UK, been impatient to leave and making plans on how to buy a house in UK, i unluckily met with one crook named Robert Stephens who based in UK and claimed on the web to be estate agent on built-up buildings. We made arrangement for a flat of 3 bed rooms in Cheshire Greater Manchester UK that he requested
£480,000 pounds and instructed me to make a wire transfer of that sum to his account with Abbey National bank UK, which i obeyed. luckily for me after the transfer, the bank confirmed his account to be fraudulent and had been receiving fraudulent payments from numerous people, which made them seized all the money in his account then closed it. I made known to the bank i paid the £480,000 pounds that drew their attention to his account and even sent the payment facts for their confirmation to refund my money, which they confirmed and are willing to make a refund of the paid sum to me. please help me receive my money and transfer to me since the bank have said they cannot make a transfer of that sum to me in Pakistan based on the high security level of the European central bank. write to me via the below given email id if i can get help from you and you shall be rewarded with 5% after the refund. thanks and may God the almighty guide and bless you.
K. M. Maher.
khalilmohammedmaher @gmail.com
Ok, this is the plan. I am going to create a Gmail account, respond to this guy, and see where things go from there. I'm not kidding. I really want to know how these things actually go down.

I'll be giving you a play by play as things really do "go down."


Benjamin said...

Amazing! Keep me posted.

Egonsh said...

Wow. From being "sat" by me to this? You write pretty well. Check out my blog: http://braincalisthenics.blogspot.com/. Say hi to your dad...

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