Microsoft: No Black People in Poland

Take a gander at this website for Microsoft's Business Productivity Infrastructure.

Now look at the Polish version

This really happened, people. This is not a joke.

Not only is a white man's face photoshopped into the picture, but it was badly photoshopped! His hand is still black! I don't know who to laugh at harder on this one, Microsoft or Poland, but whoever was responsible for this needs to be fired, or taken out back and shot.

Granted, as of this posting the Polish website is back to its African American normalcy. But it was changed long enough for people to notice it and grab a screenshot. And in the world of the Interwebs, that's really all the time you need to make a (racist) difference.

Thank you to the Interwebs for picking this one up before MS could cover their shameful tracks.


Namaps said...
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Namaps said...

The killer thing is it's not even a good photoshop. Are men with abnormally oversized heads and necks common in Poland? And of course then there's the lighting...

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