Health Care Logic

Listening and absorbing all that has been going on with the Obamacare Health care "reform" fiasco is making me very sad. I watch the news and I listen to the radio, and I can't help but think that if people would stop and think logically for a moment, this would all go away. Consider these objective and perfectly logical points:

- The government wants to decide which healthcare options you will use. There is no denying this fact. The whole idea of a single-payer system is that one conglomeration of insurance will decide what is good for you and bad for you. Our country was founded on the principles of choice. Obama is taking it away.

- Stuff costs money. Somewhere in the recent past, we have fallen into a false dreamworld wherein we are somehow entitled to healthcare. Why? Where did this come from? Doctors, nurses and every other healthcare professional provide a service. Plumbers provide a service as well. Common Denominator? They both charge money for it. The big difference is that the innovative, cutting-edge nature of healthcare makes it cost more than plumbing. Enter the insurance paradigm, a financially sound win-win 3-way partnership that has served us well for a long time. It has made the cost of the best healthcare system of world become a manageable monthly cost that the vast majority of Americans can pay for. Unfortunately, the ubiquity of the insurance company has paralyzed us. Our total dependence on insurance companies has made us believe that it is their responsibility to pay for it. When faced with the rising cost of healthcare, we freak out. How can this system that has served us so well forsake us now? And instead of letting the sound business model of private insurance fix itself (as all good business models will do), instead of playing our part and leaving the plan when it gets too expensive, instead of being responsible for our finances and our health care, America is deciding to give their total trust to the government to run this thing. Because if government takes care of it, we won't have to. It's the trap most western societies have fallen into, and it's why government is almost always the primary cause of societal collapse.

- Never put all your eggs in the same basket. Anyone who invested their entire life savings in Bernie Madoff's scam knows this adage well. Anyone who succeeds in the stock market follows the saying religiously. The health-care industry should be following it as well. What if the government run system collapses under the weight of its own over-inflated deficit? Where will you go? Do you really want to entrust 1/6 of the nation's economy to one investor? Even if that one investor is a miracle worker, no responsible financier would recommend it.
This whole debate makes me feel helpless. How can you defeat the opposition when they aren't listening to common sense? If anybody has an objective and logical rebuttal to the above points, I'd really like to hear what you have to say.

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Benjamin said...

So true. Yet, the rising costs do still pose a problem, especially in a time of economic woes. Perhaps government regulations on the current health care system would suffice.

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