Apologies to the Twitter

In previous posts, I had situated myself and my opinions in staunch Twater (that's Twitter hater for all you uncool people) territory. I said it wasn't original, wasn't innovative, and was pushing the technology of Web 2.0 and Social Networking backwards and not forwards.

Well, it seems I was mistaken about one small feature that really is a game-changer in the Social Networking world. There are no boundaries. Anyone in the world can read your twitter feed. A facebook status only goes to your friends. This is why celebrities and other big public figures are able to amass hundreds of thousands of followers without having to do any extra work.

Obviously, I hadn't thought this through enough. In all actuality, Twitter is really the purest form of viral self-promotion out there. Much like youtube, once you post something, there are never any barriers to growth. Twitter should really change their marketing strategy. Now, it's "Tell your friends, relatives, business contacts, fans, etc. what you're doing right now." It should be "Tell the entire Interwebs what you're doing right now." I think that has a stronger connotation, no?

So, I'm still going to stay away from the Twitter (i still have no real use for it), but I'm slowly being converted from by Twater beliefs.

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